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Cтроительство трубопроводов

Обеспечение антикоррозионной защиты и поддержание её высоких эксплуатационных характеристик являются одними из наиболее важных факторов, гарантирующих надёжность и длительный срок службы трубопровода. Комплексная программа мероприятий по антикоррозионной защите осуществляется на всех этапах — как производства труб, так и строительства и эксплуатации трубопроводов.

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Дорожное строительство

Автомобильные дороги сегодня являются важной составляющей транспортной системы государства, оказывающей огромное влияние на социальное и экономическое развитие. Дороги - важная часть цивилизованного общества. Высокая ответственность за воплощение человеческой мечты, за сближение городов и судеб лежит на дорожниках.

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Влага разрушает не только само здание, но также может привести к различным проблемам со здоровьем его обитателей. Гидроизоляция в этом случае одно из основных направлений для компании ООО «ГЕРМЕТИК - УНИВЕРСАЛ». Компания стала настоящим экспертом в этой области, предлагая различные бренды и системные решения. Профессионалы всего мира доверяют нашему опыту гидроизоляции.

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Герметики - это пастообразные материалы, предназначенные для заполнения, герметизации и склеивания различных поверхностей.
Основное назначение герметиков – это заполнение и герметизация трещин, швов, щелей и соединений, герметизация различных поверхностей с целью предотвращения проникновения в них (из них) помещений воды, пыли, грязи и воздуха.

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    Company  " GERMETIK UNIVERSAL" is a specialized enterprise operating in waterproofing and roofing materials, materials for protection and restoration of buildings and structures , gemetizatsii joints , junctions , bushings , corrosion protection of steel pipes , materials for construction and repair of asphalt pavements . Our company has a wide sales geography - Ukraine , Russia, Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan , Moldova, Belarus , Armenia, Azerbaijan , Turkmenistan, Tajikistan , Georgia, Kyrgyzstan . The company works with many foreign and domestic manufacturers of products has its own patents and technical conditions .

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    Waterproofing structures, protection from moisture

    Advanced technology and industrial construction Industrial construction of - an important sector, requiring the use of huge capacity, a variety of design solutions and large investment. 


    Sealing, seal constructions, sealants

    Sealants - are compositions based on polymers of mainly liquid polysulfide or silicone rubbers. Sealants used for filling various gaps and cracks, for sealing joints, as well as sealing windows and doors.


    Road construction

    Roads construction is not limited to laying asphalt and road repairs. In the company's services also include work on the improvement of courtyards and streets, slum areas and asphalting other various objects. List of road works performed was significantly expanded


    Сonstruction of pipelines

    Pipeline - artificial structure designed to transport gaseous and liquid media, as well as solid fuel and other solids in suspension under the influence of the pressure difference in the pipe cross section. Today  pipeline is the cheapest and most convenient way.


    Protection and repair of concrete

    Aggressive environment negatively affects the state of building materials. Effects of salts, carbon dioxide, water, and temperature extremes (frost-thaw cycles) often lead to corrosion. Therefore, the protection against corrosion of concrete - the most important task during the construction 


    Corrosion protection

    Corrosion of metal - one of the main causes of early failure of the various buildings and structures: bridges, pipelines, machinery, equipment, buildings bearing elements, roofing material. Protection from corrosion - one of the major problems whose solution can save huge amounts of money


    Fireproofing materials

    Fire protection facilities - a complex fire protection measures, which is based on the use of materials, preventing fire and preventing the spread of fire, increasing fire constructions.


    Bioprotective materials

    The main methods of protecting wooden structures from biodegradation implemented through constructive activities and chemicals. The task of structural measures - exclude....


    Coating materials

    Coating materials - this composite compounds applied to the finished surface in liquid or powder form uniform thin layers form after drying and curing film having a strong bond with the base


    Thermal insulation materials

    The main purpose of thermal insulation - reducing heat loss or cold. In certain circumstances it is also necessary to eliminate condensation on the outer surface of the pipelines and other elements of the engineering system


    Roofing materials

    Roofing - roof shell or coating of the building exposed to the weather. Its main function is to remove rainwater and meltwater. The main properties of the roof is the ease, durability, efficiency in production and operation.


    Facade materials

    Facade materials - that person home. Their main task - to protect the walls from natural phenomena, and to give the building an attractive appearance. Thus the material with which the house is finished, be durable, practical, retain their original appearance.


    Finishing materials

    Finishing materials - a special set of tools used for construction, which are used in the final stage of work on finishing. The entire set is classified not only by the properties of resources, functional use, but also by the type of coating


    Adhesive compounds, grouting

    Adhesives - are complex chemical compounds based on organic and inorganic substances that can be glued (interconnect) various materials. Adhesive substance which fills the gap between the joining surfaces of parts in the gluing process


    Expansion Joints

    Expansion joint - designed to reduce stress on structural elements in the field of possible deformations arising from fluctuations in air temperature, seismic events, uneven soil settlement and other effects that can cause dangerous load


    Rainwater systems

    Drainage systems are designed to collect rainwater and meltwater from the surface and its drainage into storm sewers. Linear drainage system is a system tray depth (catchment channels, gutters) and trash boxes with protective netting


    Industrial floors

    Industrial flooring can be classified by type of support plate designs and materials used for the device "finish" layer. In this construction of industrial floors differ in the number of layers (single and multilayer), and the type of reinforcement.


    Sports coverage

    Sports coverage, wear-resistant protective coating for gyms and fitness centers. High resistance to indentation excellent indicators of fire safety to allow the use of educational and care, institutions.


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